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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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hello. i'm andrea roane. we begin with an arctic blast that's baring down on us from the midwest. winter doesn't officially start for another 41 days, but this is the scene in minnesota this afternoon. when all is said and done, the twin cities may be buried under more than a foot of snow.
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a winter storm warnings that been issued until noon tomorrow. we have more on snowy minneapolis. >> reporter: in minneapolis, transportation crews are preparing for heavy snow during monday morning's commute. expected to blanket the area with up to a foot before it's finished. >> we'll be out maintaining the roadways for the traffic and we'll keep at it as long as we need to. >> reporter: the system is now pulling frigid air along with it plunging much of midwest into a deep freeze. meteorologists say heavy snow will hit from montana to michigan. freeze warnings are even expected to dip as far south as texas and oklahoma. in all, the system will affect five million people in its path. >> we'll have a big impact to air travel d road travel. winter coming very early and this pattern is going nowhere. >> the first true test of winter has arrived with the official start of the season still more than a month away.
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all that snow being generated by this arctic invasion. take you to canada fimplets look at readings -- canada first. look at these readings. alberta just getting this. this is pouring down now into the northern rockies. so are parts of montana this morning that were below zero. we have the arctic air in place the northern rockies through the northern plains and it's coming. it's coming south and will get here starting later wednesday. ahead of it, there's all the snow as you're looking at it in minneapolis. got two pieces. one piece here and another back toward rapid city extending toward the great lakes, northern wisconsin, the u.p. and northern michigan. we're on the mild side of the equation for today, tonight, tomorrow and even tomorrow night and then things will be going downhill. so we're really looking nice. our weather headlines call for a nice afternoon. we should be in the low to mid- 60s. winds not too bad. southeasterly 5 to 10. that will bring in moisture. patchy fog late tonight. comfortable tomorrow. mid if not upper 60s and the colder air arrives later
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wednesday. i'll be back in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. >> people like that good forecast because hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be at the national mall tomorrow for the concert for valor. it's a free concert honoring our veterans. big names like rihanna, carrie underwood, metallica, bruce springsteen and emminem all performing. if you plan on going, gates open at 10:00 a.m. driving to the event is strongly disscourged. in fact, parking will be almost nonexistent. ddot officials warn if you do park at the mall, you will likely be ticketed and towed. instead metro is ramping up sfs. trains will run from 5:00 a.m. until after midnight and blue lines will be yellow all day. the smithsonian station will be closed because it is within the perimeter. remember, no alcohol or bicycles allowed on the mall. you can pull up a list of all the road closures and a map on our brand new wusa app. they violated our values, says the new secretary of
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veterans affairs. that's why today he is announcing the department's biggest reorganization ever. v.a. secretary robert mcdonald previewed the plan last night on 60 minutes and cbs this morning aired even more of the interview that didn't make the show. >> we'll try and do everything from the veterans' perspective. every decision we make, every criteria we use is going to be about the veteran. we're calling it my v.a. the reason i like calling it my v.a. is i want the veterans to think of the v.a. as their v.a., my v.a. they own it. it's theirs. we're there for them. >> the overhaul follows the v.a. hospital scandal. administrators covered up evidence that tens of thousands of veterans had to wait months for medical care. in other news, police still have not tracked down the suspects behind a shooting and robbery in aspen hill. it was just after 9:00 last night when three suspects forced their way into a home in the cinnamon run apartment complex last night off connecticut avenue.
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a fight broke out and gunshots were fired. two people were hurt inside the apartment. one victim and one suspect were both rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. two suspects as we said are still on the run. crews are working to repair a broken water main that's also in aspen hill. a 10-inch pipe burst around 5:00 last night. it's located near the intersection of connecticut and georgia avenue. it wasn't until 10:30 that wssc workers were finally able to get the water turned off. officials say the repair job has been difficult. >> it's about 375 customers without of water as a result of the break. we're going to work as quickly as we can to hopefully get it back into service by this afternoon. hopefully the water will be back on by this afternoon. the roads are a different story. you can see it's a muddy mess and there's a lot of restoration that needs to be done to the road. i think saying it will be open tonight is a little ambitious. i would hope for tomorrow monk. >> wssc officials say the busted water main is more than
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48 years old. sentencing was just handed down for a georgetown university student who produced ricin in his dorm room. danielle millsman, a graduate of whitman high in bethesda was sentenced to 12 months and a day behind bars. however, he will receive credit for time already served. millsman will also have 36 months of supervised probation. to philadelphia next and the story of a police officer who owes his life to do bystanders. it was this weekend when the officer was rushing to a call saturday night. he collided with a pickup truck and the trooper was trapped inside his vehicle. a teenager who is a volunteer firefighter and another man rushed to the officer's cruiser just moments before it burst into flames. >> i said can you get out and i said i can't feel my legs. his door was jammed shut. i said i can't get you out through the door. i will have to get you out through the window. >> he only had a minor scratch on his head and messed up his
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leg. if we aren't gotten -- if we hadn't gotten out in time, wee have been hurt bad. >> the rescuers also pulled the unconscious pickup driver out of his vehicle. both men are expected to be okay. the u.s. postal service says it's a victim of a cyberattack. information about its employees, including social security numbers may have been compromised. the f.b.i. and other federal agencies are investigating. a spokesperson says customers at local post offices are those using its website were not affected. president obama began an eight-day asian tour in china this morning. he announced the u.s. and china will start granting visas to each other's citizens for up to a decade. other issues on the president's agenda include cybersecurity, climate change and human rights. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: president obama wore a traditional chinese outfit to greet the nation's president and to pose for photos with other world
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leaders. the president began a two-day economic summit in beijing announcing the u.s. and china have agreed to make it easier for tourists, students, and business people from one country to visit the other. >> last year 1.8 million chinese visitors to the united states contributed $21 billion to our economy and supported more than 100,000 american jobs. >> reporter: in an address to business leaders, the president also made it clear there are plenty of financial opportunities in asia for both u.s. and chinese companies. >> the united states welcomes the rise of a prosperous, peaceful, and stable china. >> reporter: the president's eight-day asia trip may have come at an opportune time. it gives them a chance to shift the focus away from his party's losses in the mid-term elections. the president sat down with australia's prime minister to talk about the battle in isis in iraq and syria. both nations have troops in the region. >> the isis death count is a menace to the whole world.
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they've declared war on the world. >> reporter: on tuesday president obama has a private meeting with the chinese president. white house aides say controversial issues like cybertheft, currency manipulation and human rights will be discussed. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> still ahead on wusa9, fighting isis. the leader of the islamic million distant group may have been -- militant group may have been hurt in a coalition attack. we'll have more. >> outrage in mexico over the
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investigators are trying to determine the cause after deadly plane crash on the island of grand bahama. a leer jet went down in heavy rain last night killing all nine people on board. the crash happened as people were gathering for the 2014 global leadership forum. the local newspaper reports that reverend miles monroe, a
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prominent minister who organized the event and his wife were among the victims. former secretary andrew young was supposed to be on the plane but backed out because of the bad weather conditions. there are reports that the leader of isis was injured in a coalition air strike this weekend. two iraqi officials and state situation say he was wounded in the attack. the pentagon is declining to confirm the reports. however, it does acknowledge there was a strike on a convoy mere mosul this weekend. it's believed the people in the convoy were on their way to a gathering of isis leaders. hundreds of protesters are taking to the streets in mexico city. they're angry after the disappearance and apparent murder of 43 college students. we have more from the president's. -- from the national palace. >> reporter: angered by what
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could be one of the worst mass murders in recent years, protesters took to the streets. the protests came after it took the mexican government six weeks to announce that three gang members had been arrested for killing 43 students and burning their bodies in a landfill. in videotaped interrogations, the suspects described how they brought the bodies to a remott bargain dump and burned them from midnight till the next afternoon to help erase any trace of the crime. federal officials say the attack was ordered by the iguala. he and his wife were arrested last month along with 72 others, many of them police officers. >> the ties between public corruption and private interest organized crime are just so clear in this case. >> reporter: several families of the missing insist the students are still alive and being held captive and federal
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officials have stopped short of saying the case is closed pending d.n.a. results. the federal police have taken over surety in the town and mexico's president has disarmed local police in 17 nearby towns. cbs news, mexico city. >> coming up on wusa9, a corn consumer alert. poison -- a consumer alert. children being exposed to detergent in laundry pods. four lucky viewers can receive $500 worth of groceries from giant foods. the wusa9 thanksgiving grocery card giveaway sweepstakes will run until midnight november 21. to win, viewers that go to wusa9's facebook page and like our page and fill out the information in the entry form. and we wish you the best of luck. we w
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laundry detergent packets have become very popular but a new study finds they can be very dangerous, especially for small children. poison control centers have received thousands of calls after youngsters injusted the small tabs. doctors say the concentrated dose can be more toxic than regular laundry detergent. >> reporter: today renia is a healthy 3-year-old but two years ago she swam lowed a laundry detergent packet like this one. >> she was foaming at the mouth, couldn't breathe, couldn't move. she was just laying there. >> reporter: her mother, angela, rushed her to the hospital where doctors had to put her on life support. >> they said if i made it two mains later, my baby -- minutes later, my baby would have passed away. >> reporter: a new study shows how dangerous they can be to
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children. between 2012 and 2013, poison control centers received more than 17,000 calls about kids under 6 swallowing the detergent can cause vomiting and choking. 769 children were taken to the hospital and one died. the study's author dr. gary smith says kids often mistake the colorful packets for candy and the concentrated dose inside can be more dangerous than regular detergent. >> parents of young children should use traditional laundry detergent than the more toxic laundry detergent pods. >> reporter: there are clear warning labels on the products and they have changed the containers so the kids can no longer see the colorful packets inside. >> just like any other household product, they need to be kept out of the reach of children. >> reporter: angela stopped using detergent packets and while renia is healthy, doctors are making sure there are no long-term effects. kris van cleave, cbs news, new york. >> the study found 80% of the
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kids swallowed the detergent a small number got the detergent in their eyes. the forecast much better than the one in minneapolis. >> it depends. i'm a snow lover. >> not when you're driving in the morning commute. >> tomorrow's temperatures could be 25 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon's. 25 degrees than friday afternoon. i don't know if it deserves to be mentioned twice but just in case you didn't believe it the first time. look at this picture. a plane coming over the river. what a beautiful day we've got going ocht winds have been light all morning and that's helping out a lot. high temperatures make it to the low to mid-60s. very, very comfortable november 10. this evening clear to start. we'll drop to 52 by 9:00. a few more clouds overnight and even patchy fog by tomorrow morning. lows 40 to 45. right now the warm spots are 64 in fredricksburg, tappahannock and also in frederick.
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cambridge 63. there was frost t. was 34 earlier in cambridge this morning. a lot of areas got down to about 30 or so. so the frosty start, the dry air heats up so nicely. outside at reagan national, you're looking at the michael & son weather camera. that's a good looking picture. 06 degrees. winds are dead calm at moment and humidity 49%. there's always the other side of the equation. here it is. the cold air. casper only 1 this afternoon. bismarck 20. that cold air marches south to places like kansas city, dallas. going to drop almost 30 degrees tomorrow from today's highs. the cold will continue to push south and east. only 50 on wednesday in little rock. that 62, 63 in washington, that i think is in the middle of the day because by amp and evening, the cold is pouring in. with the cold, we've got the snow. i showed you this at the top but if you weren't here, all this snow is going to abfoot or even more in the twin cities. around here, hey, no weather problems for the next couple of days. with the concert for valor on the national mall yesterday,
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expecting 800,000 people for that. good news that the weather is going to cooperate. the only thing we have to worry about is late night cloudiness and fog off the atlantic. not a bad start to the week. the finish, you might not be exhibited about. 65 today. 45 tonight. again some patchy fog late. tomorrow 68. it looks like a very pleasant veterans day. we've had snow storms on veterans day. 62 wednesday. but turning colder late in the day. on thirgs around 50. slight chance of a rain or snow shower thursday night. friday cold, 32. windchills colder than that. we're stay -- 42. windchills colder than that. we're staying in the 40s
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from camouflage to couture,
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our guest today is here to help -- they're here to help women in the military and women veterans dress for success as they transition out of their uniforms. maggie from maggie payne and alexandria are here with us. thank you for being here with us. maggie, i'm going to start with you because you are a veteran. you were a captain in the army. how difficult was it to make that transition? >> it was very difficult. i was excited about the transition. i think personally i underestimated it because it is such a major emotional cultural transition. you lose that sense of community in the military and everything that comes with that. and it's a very important one. and so that's how i started my company to help others. >> you're an image consultant and you melt with alexander. we -- met with alexander. we want to show you one of the designs to help veterans look elegant, not just efficient. our model is coming out.
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tell us about this design. >> this is a very versatile piece. she's paired it with a wool blazer and a of slate steel gray blue dress that goes from the hospital to night. you can take off the blazer and then pair it with heels and a pearl necklace and look completely elegant. it's also great for weddings. >> very nice. we love the heels that are with it. where is your store? >> we're located at tysons galleria on the third floor near wildfire. >> from camouflage to couture, your company -- how did the whole idea of mixing the two together, how did you do meet? >> actually maggie and i both share a passion for fashion and for charity. so we met at a fashion charity event in alexandria. we both have lived overseas for many years, transitioned back to the u.s. so we shared transitions in common and we wanted to help other women going through that and make it
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more fun. >> we know there's a problem with women getting jobs after they get out of the military. so how they look and that first impression for the new employer who is not uncle sam is so important. >> it's so important. how we're perceived is so important. we need to take time and think about what we're wearing and how we envision ourselves. >> how affordable are the clothes? >> the luxury is in the quality of the clothes, not the price. maggie is wearing a linen shirt chi called the cloud and it's about $210. this is a wool jacket that is around $350. both of them are investment pieces. they will last intlu what are you hearing from the women vets who are investing in these clothes? how does it make them feel? >> it makes them feel good and it's versatile. they'll get a lot it. you'll get a lot of use. we have one last look as we say
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thank you for being with us. the next news at 5:00. here's a great even
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